We enjoyed this project so much that we decided to write a blog about it!

Gordons Highland are based in Aberdeen and explores the lives of the men who made up one of the finest regiments the British Army has ever seen.

These included everyday men such as farmers and fishermen, ghillies and labourers, aristocrats and university students.

Their aim is to ensure that their stories are told and their bravery never forgotten.

You can find out more on their website at: www.gordonhighlanders.com

So I bet you’re asking, where did LucidBlack come in?

Ahead of their grand summer re-opening, we were asked to manufacture and install a new introduction cinema area. This was based near the front of the museum and forms the entrance to The Grants Room. This was a fully bespoke build with graphic panels and light boxes. 

We were also asked to manufacture and install the new welcome/ticket desk, retail section and cafe. This helped bring the whole welcome area up to date and ensure it created a warm welcome for all visitors. We took on the full contract for this piece of work including all joinery, electrical and painting work. 

We were delighted to be chosen to complete this exciting project and are extremely happy with the results. The client was over the moon with the final outcome and in fact we are currently working on another project for Gordon Highlanders and can’t wait to share this one with everyone shortly.

If you’d like to book your visit to Gordon Highlanders and check out our handy work, visit their website.

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